We have spent hours and hours designing the perfect curriculum for all your Apple® devices. Whether you just want an introduction or you are determined to show off in front of the grandkids; we have the courses! (P.S. We do business classes as well…)

iCloud® and Apple ID®:

Let’s begin with the root of all Apple products. You really can’t do a whole lot without a free Apple ID. It’s needed to download any apps (such as FaceBook, Solitaire etc..).

Intro to iPad® and iPhone®:

  • Let’s talk the basics. In this course, we will go over the basic anatomy of your products. What they do, what are they used for.

Intermediate to iPad® and iPhone®:

  • In this course, we will take a deeper dive into customizing and organizing your device.

Organizing your Photos:

  • We can help organize your photo’s on your Mac®, iPhone® or iPad®.

Mac® for Beginners:

  • We will discuss the pre-installed apps and what each one does and how it personally relates to you. We will explore the App Store® and learn how to search, download and update those apps.

Mac® Intermediate:

  • We will take a deeper dive into Safari® and how to organize the websites you use every day.

Open Meeting:

  • Here we can discuss a wide range of topics from setting up your wireless printer to making sure your Wi-Fi is secure to creating flyers and documents or anything in between.

Apple® Watch

  • Overview of Apple® Watch – buttons, Charging, Digital Crown
  • Apple® Watch health benefits and features
  • How to track your steps and monitor your workouts
  • How to play music on Apple® watch
  • Customize your Apple® watch
  • Using apps on Apple® watch

Mac® OS

Beginners Sessions

  • Checking for software updates
  • About This Mac®
  • System Preferences Customization of dock & screen
  • Finder – how to locate anything
  • Command +
  • Track Pad Shortcuts Gestures / swipes
  • Launchpad – organizing and downloading apps

Doing more with Mac®

  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Notifications
  • Split View
  • Handoff – from iPhone® to Mac®
  • Siri on your Mac® (command & SB)
  • Keychain
  • Battery Life Maintenance

PHOTOS on your Mac®

  • Organizing your photos
  • Editing your photos
  • Saving and storing your photos

Accessibility on your Mac®

  • Vision settings
  • Hearing Loss settings
  • Navigating with Vision loss
  • Navigating with Hearing loss